Defi… These elements are called, A) Control attributes B) Semantic elements C) Graphic elements D) Multimedia elements View Answer / Hide Answer The tags given provided to carry out these functions are: 1) – This tag is used to specify a list of options for input controls. The output element is currently supported only by Opera. There are semantic elements introduced in HTML5 - header, footer, section, article, etc. Attributes help the elements to perform their tasks. What are the new form elements introduced in HTML5 datalist,keygen, output -- Correct Which of the following tags are no longer valid in HTML5? Figure 4. … Forms in HTML5 The HTML elements that allow you to build interactive forms. New Form Element in HTML5 1. Trending Topics. 2) Quotes are optional for attributes. Together with the a new list attribute for input can be used to make comboboxes, Represents additional information or controls which the user can obtain on demand. HTML5 Element. HTML5 offers new elements for media content: Tag Represents a footer for a section and can contain information about the author, copyright information, et cetera. 4) Closing empty elements are optional. Semantic HTML elements are those that clearly describe their meaning in a human- and machine-readable way. New Attributes HTML5 has introduced several new attributes that can be used with form and input elements. HTML5 New Tags. 7/17/2020 . ... Specifies a set of related form fields. It works in a similar way to an autocomplete textbox. Until usage of this element becomes more widespread, you can use the innerHTML attribute of any page element to change its content dynamically through code. Now, HTML5 provides support for media with elements like