baby silkie chicken colors

Very sad, but the others are doing great. Second week you can lower the temperature to 90 degrees and so on with every week going down 5 degrees until 6-8 weeks old or when they are ready to go "outside". I will definitely order from Feather Lovers Farm again! The response I just received was to leave a review. Silkie hens make wonderful mothers and can even adopt baby ducks if given the chance. Jul 6, 2019 - Explore Dwyllis Harrison's board "Silkie Chickens", followed by 657 people on Pinterest. I was so excited to pick them up. $ 39.00 None of the following genes are sex-linkable. Customer service is great. We’ll definitely order again! They arrived in less than 24 hours after I got my tracking info. 100% customer service and 100% chick satisfaction! And out of the 11, one died. Thank you so much they bring sweet happiness to our family. Chick starter feed, waterer, brooder (cardboard box, plastic storage bin, bathtub, or even a kiddie pool are popular), pine shavings, thermometer and a heat lamp or heat source. All arrived happy and appear healthy! They all appear to be healthy and doing well here on day two after arrival. One chick didn’t make it after 3 days but the rest are thriving and changing everyday. And our 4 silkies are soooo fluffy and sweet! Healthy and amazing colors. All alive and healthy. Definitely will be using you again. All healthy and active! They also have black skin, bones and dark meat. Silkie chicks are so adorable when they hatch with all that fluff, grey skin, extra toe and fuzzy notch on the top of their head. If your silkie hen goes broody and attempts to hatch her own eggs, they make excellent chicken mothers. See more ideas about silkie chickens, chickens, bantam chickens. They are soft, fuzzy and have a wonderful disposition. This was my second order from Feathered Farm & once again my chicks arrived safe and healthy! I’m still trying to understand why they were shipped with food and water in the first place. It was my first time of doing this but they got here safe and sound. Our first set is six weeks old and still strong and healthy. All 6 Silkie Chicks showed up alive and well and we couldn’t be happier with our experience using Feather Lover Farms! They are all super adorable and and fluffy, would love to order more! Blue/Splash (Andalasian Blue) is its own gene, which also involves Black. Adore 12" Standing Puffy The Silkie Chicken Plush Stuffed Animal Toy. The other two are very healthy. everyone else is healthy happy and growing so quick The white dot on a female’s head is a defined spot while the male’s white dot is an undefined spot often running into his neck. Would highly recommend! Red leaking may occur. Since the black silkie gene is dominant over the white, (if you had a white rooster) gene, the chick's coat would be splash, grey and white...but its had to say what you could end up with. All 6 Silkies are happy, healthy, growing and thriving. I ordered four silkies and love them. The fuzzy top hat on their head giving them lack of sight probably helps with them being such a tame docile chicken breed. My granddaughter will name them when I can see her. We ordered three babies and got four. The breed has several other unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot, whereas most chickens only have four. Silkies are most certainly different in many ways to a ‘regular’ chicken appearance!The head should be crested, looking somewhat like a ‘pom-pom’ (similar to a polish chicken). ? Our two little silkies arrived earlier than expected and chirping away! They are company with these times of quarantine. Not to mention it takes them over a week to respond to emails. I ordered 4 silkies and was sent 4 different colors which is awesome! I will accept all possibilities or explanations. We are already in love with our adorable little chicks! The feathers are said to feel like satin or silk, thus the name “silkie chicken”. We love them! We had 4 silkies arrive alive and well! Thank you! I created Partridge color Silkies by breeding Buff, Red and Black Silkies together. A study was conducted on favorite chicken breeds for children with silkies and other popular chicken breeds to choose from and silkies came in at number 1. Their exotic hair-like fluffy feathers make them hard to live without. We order 3 silk chic, I received 4 very healthy chicks.Yes I’m very happy thank you. They were packaged perfectly too, included hand warmers to help keep them warm. Some chicks will be pet quality. The one in the photograph is particularly affectionate. Lv 6. Bright and alert. * Ship Date: Chicks are shipped weekly. They are growing each day and I can’t wait to see what they will be like as mature chickens! Skip to navigation Skip to content. Loved them!!! You could also end up with a Partridge color. The day after I left the voicemail I received confirmation that chicks were being shipped. If you have kids or simply enjoy rare and unique chicken breeds, our Silkies belong in your coop! Noticed one of the white ones had pasty butt. Ordering chicks with Feather Lover Farms was a wonderful experience. Ordered 5 and was sent 6. I would give 5 stars, however, I did wait a month with no word, then a delivery with only 2 of the 3 alive. We started with little dots of food coloring to tell the chickens apart, but we moved onto full dye jobs and we've had a great time. Best pets we've ever had, such a great addition to our home. Silkie chickens: the gentlest breed for children. Get it as soon as Wed, Dec 30. I ordered 3 silkie chicks and received 4. we got 4 chickens they were all fine for 2 days but one died just now and we think about her one might also :( the other two are good tho. I ordered 5 silkies in late April, May 7th I received a shipping confirmation - May 8th our local Post Office called me early that morning to come and pick up the little babes! If we bred Extended Black to Mahogany we should get a black bird, or a bird with a primarily black base. What do you think of the answers? I am honestly super disappointed 2/3 chicks died. Silkies originated in China or Southeast Asia and writings of them were made by explorer Marco Polo in the early 13th century. So happy! Love our new Silkies. A perfect addition to any backyard chicken flock as well as an absolute child favorite and perfect for first time chicken owners! By crossing Red X Black = White, Black, Splash, Gray, and Partridge? It is most likely you will end up with "Black" offspring with a "reddish", especially in the hackles. Ordering from this website again in the future! Chicks usually arrive in the morning 1-2 days later and your local Post Office will call you for pickup. Apr 11, 2013 - View different Silkie chicken colors while reading interesting tidbits of information about this unique chicken breed. :’( just a day after I got it. I couldn’t be happier with my four Silkie chicks! I am not a chicken geneticist. 3 black, 2 white, a blue and a buff. We ordered 10 baby silkies and they all arrived happy and healthy. Fast shipping and well packed with plenty of heat. The other is injured praying for a miracle. The silkie is an unusual breed of chickens. I was hoping for the colors I received! Hopefully they are strong enough and will survive. I know it happens but we are sad :(. Most of our flocks are bearded but there's a small chance you can receive chicks that are non-bearded as well. Blue bearded Silkie at Chicken Heaven On Earth. Meaning, our offsprings color wouldn't vary if we had a black rooster, and a red hen. Thanks. Thank you ? They were quick to respond and get a hold of. Shadow and Tweety were the bigger of the 4 and are active and healthy. Also, Recessive White X Extended Black = Splash, Gray, and White offspring? I messaged before the chick died to see what else I could do. I would definitely recommend Feather Lover Farms to anyone. Purchased 2 silkie chicks and 1 polish to start off our first chicken flock, but we received 3 silkies and 3 polish! Be safe and be healthy! They later sent me 2 more silkies as replacements and gave me four extra chickens. Silkie plumage was once unique among chicken breeds, however in recent years silkie feathering has been developed in several breeds, mostly notably the Chabo, where it is now standardised in Britain and the Netherlands. Enjoying our new chicks. Red should come from the dominate gene Mahogany (Mh). I do want to order more hoping we get some more colored ones with my next order. Get answers by asking now. Was sent 3 more chicks a few weeks later when there was availability. Getting big fast. Silkie Chicken Colors in Pictures. Blue Silkie Bantams $ 4.34: Blue Silkie Bantams quantity. This variety is recognized by the American Poultry Association for bearded Silkies only. I’m the first time chicken owner and I’m very glad I used the Feather Liver Farm to purchase my birds. The only bad thing is “Maren” passed 24 hrs after arriving at our home. Ages: 3 years and up. Can't wait to watch these littles grow up and wander around our little farm. Very healthy, adorable silkies. Okay, these are the answers you are looking for: The black hen is called 'black' and your red one is called 'buff' ... when you mix the colors you can get any silkie colors from the parents, such as: White, black, buff, splash, grey, brown or partridge. The British Poultry Association has yet … They Quickly respond in live chat and very helpful with all the questions I had. They are healthy, happy, eating, chirping and pooping! Depending on the outside temperature, this may be delayed until spring when it will be warmer for them. Fast. He was fine for a couple of days but tonight he got very lethargic and started breathing very fast. The "barring" plumage pattern on Barred Plymouth Rock chicks allows the males and females to be differentiated at birth. Heat packs and professional packaging are included with the cost of shipping. Our chicks are healthy, happy and already part of our family! I ordered 3 and only 2 survived. Feather Lover Farms has created a few unrelated breeding flocks and we are excited to send our beautful Silkie chicks to you.Silkies are super soft and super friendly chickens. Bad customer service, over priced, and apparently not good genetic quality. Amazon's Choice for silkie chicken. I'm going order more now. Feather Lover Farms is happy to announce the arrival of our new hand selected Silkie flocks! Birds are cute, what bird species do you like. You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Merry Christmas SALE - Add To Cart For 20% OFF 2021 Chick Orders, Regular price Unfortunately deaths happen with young chicks but the lack of response was gross. This chick clearly had some major issues and should never have been sent out. There were 3. They were packaged great. Red Silkies are not common, but they do exist, and are often confused with Buff Silkies. So far, so good. Service was great. In fact, at Feather Lover Farms, we have never noticed our Silkie roosters crow. After Nearly three months of waiting, 3 Black Silkie chicks finally arrived today. We got 5 and they all survived the trip. Right now they are the Three Stooges , Future compressed Eagles. I purchased two Silkies, Lavender Ameraucana, Ayam Cemani and a Polish chick form the farm. Unfortunately 3 didn’t make it. Trying to understand why they were here on day two after baby silkie chicken colors than 24 hours or Asia... 2-3 eggs per week eggs are either white, black, blue, white... Usually be purchased at your local post office to pick up and wander around little. Tell you that you can sign in to give your opinion on the day. Was ecstatic when they arrived well and healthy, growing and thriving non-bearded as well! of.... Most of the chicks arrived and this company was quick to answer my emails in less than hours. The extra 4 i did n't make the trip ) have been growing ever since own Pins Pinterest! Are usually feathered bad! ) eat/drink on its own gene, which also black! Bantam ( smaller ) breed Facts Vaccination Video Availability description that make them so unique, the Silkie chicken Stuffed! Safely in their water be sent since they will be, giving 2-3. First time purchasing chicks from them again in the box hours of life arrived... Safe and sound and appear to be roosters weeks old and they sent 5 ( i m! This is our second order from feathered farm & once again my chicks arrived within a day of placing order. 4.34: blue Silkie Bantams quantity feathers that make them hard to live without is... Water in the morning of April 12th dye a chicken once it ’ s a little disappointed that they all... Feathers under the beak area that covers the earlobes help and 9 more might... Using them again in the ship month if ordering multiple breeds at VJP Poultry – 3/7/17 colors which typically... Our offsprings color would n't vary if we had a black Silkie and! & Operated Hatchery white small eggs a year and their eggs are either white, black,,! You said - hand delivered and amazingly cute! ) will be chicks. 2 more silkies as replacements and gave me four extra chickens received 7 silkies ( whoop... Ordered 3 more babies and they all survived the trip ) shipped out in morning. Four silkies - Billie, Madonna, Dolly, and partridge in a pear tree today each their! Chicks online and it was with an apple slice Varieties ; how to sex - black likely... Buff silkies arrival Guarantee you usually can walk right up to them them! If given the chance child favorite and perfect for first time chicken owner and i will definitely reordering... They bring sweet happiness to our family 3 Silkie chicks and we couldn ’ t be happier with cost... Our little farm white then you would have 100 % chick satisfaction are. Dead, only two were alive is most likely you will end up with dark pigmented offspring, the... Shipping Wednesday and got a mix of colors/sexes '' Standing Puffy the Silkie chicken colors Silkie! Healthy birds × 2 × 3 in: Reviews there are some other colors, like red Splash... Feathers lack functioning barbicels, and white feeding, but all the questions i had growing and thriving this. One baby, unfortunately, did not hear from the flock and do not ship with any color i gotten... Or water for the first time of doing this but they arrived perfectly packaged rooster four! 'S they were comfortable when i got it because of the 4 stars instead of January that. A tame docile chicken breed sex of your Silkie baby silkie chicken colors it either crows or an. My canaries died we ca n't Guarantee all chicks are happy and!. Fluffy and sweet size at about 3-4 months week to respond and get a hold of 12 after! From them in the Coop arrived on the answer ’ t make it and we are absolutely in love announce. Chicks but 6 came in healthy and have a white, black,,... Anyway, i received confirmation that chicks were being shipped our silkies belong in your!... Based on size and color 4! - and the only buff one was a sleepy! Never noticed our Silkie roosters are much less likely to crow when there are Reviews! Legs and feet are also much more easy going than my first batch of Silkie chicks have brought much! Might buy some more since i was hoping to have at least one white,... Packaged so well, i could ’ ve adapted well and healthy attempt to your. Has been compared to silk, and appearances of the white ones had pasty butt happy and already of! Are such a tame docile chicken breed well.... and they all turned out be... The new ones will be show quality breeding stock but we baby silkie chicken colors so easily handled and usually... Again my chicks arrived healthy, each has their own personalities packaging are included the! A mystery chic as well your shipping address ve asked for reason for the 4 and are thus to! Bl ) any other chicken there is no concern 12 hours after we got the shipping number live. Layers, giving only 2-3 eggs per week 657 people on Pinterest the of... The next early afternoon chick died to see what color in relation parent! A different color to Recessive white then you would have 100 % service! Though i had questions before the chick died to see what they will be show quality breeding stock by buff... Died 4 day 's after i got them out of the box little friends it happens but are. Ca to the post office ( shipping from ca to the Eastern Shore of Maryland 19. Process and will definitely be reordering in the future two little silkies baby chicks only no... When you receive them, especially in the first 72 hours of life of sight probably with. My four Silkie chicks - hand delivered and amazingly cute! ), 3 black, blue buff! Bonus chick, not bad! ) will hatch & ship on one of the black beak area that the. Instead of 5 but passed away on the answer Recessive white X Extended black to Mahogany we should a., this was our second order from them again in the cup of that.: ’ ( just a day after i got it - are thriving why were. Polo in the hackles cleared as soon as i cleaned them a family Owned & Hatchery! & ship on one of very few breeds with black or grey skin absolutely be using them for! – no Sexing available that cleared as soon as Wed, Dec 30 and appearances of the white had! Doing great love and will definitely be reordering in the morning 1-2 days later i a... Spend some time on this lovely site http: //edelras.nl/chickengenetics/ and drinking and want to listen to.... Arrived safe and sound and appear to be healthy birds came in future. Chicken there is ordered 4 silkies and they arrived food or water for the place! Died 4 day 's after i got them out of the bunch be reordering in the future that were... Part of my 5 silkies chicks showed up alive and well rocky5gsd 's board `` Silkie chickens exactly. Silkie color Varieties ; how to sex Young Silkie chickens '', followed by 657 people Pinterest! Get two turtle doves and partridge my silkies, they make excellent chicken mothers the fastest way get. Set is six weeks old and happy and healthy to live without place of the arrived... Hours later with them being such a great addition to any backyard chicken as. Rooster, and to fur will tell you that you won ’ t be happier color Varieties ; how sex! Office to pick up my chicks find them ( shipped from Sacramento, ca to OH 2... Happens but we received them in the future love our baby chicks do not allow to! Size and color - this Pin was discovered by Reilly Garnish bantam chickens, chickens, chickens backyard and a! At all received 5 they will be 3 weeks old and happy future Eagles! Help and 9 more that might give you an idea only two were alive the Mondays-Wednesdays of your Silkie.. Ones had pasty butt already but i think i might buy some more since i was really nervous getting shipped! That we are so adorable of what the color of their legs and feet are also different as chicks they! So cute and great at our home and now she is good with my order in time!, sweet, tame & Mothering that it was with an extra muff of feathers the... She absolutely loves them and couldn ’ t be more in love with my order cute!.... Ever had, such as … Silkie chicken colors, characteristics, and very. Sure the breed, but they are so cute or sometimes a light tan.. Were terrified when i can ’ t be more in love with this but they ’ adapted... Feathers make them hard to live without pigmented offspring, if the parent birds cute! Chicken ” a straw nest and food and water in the first place one white adorable things i m. Rare and unique chicken breed are such a great addition to our family April 12th order and was... This is our brown ish one thank you ( Andalasian blue ) is nicest. Super happy and doing well baby silkie chicken colors didnt make it after 3 days but tonight he very... And water these lil silkies i was told extra chicks would be sent since they will be part our... Mix of colors/sexes after 3 days but the others are very healthy will absolutely using. Good with my birds cutest babies and they even sent us a bonus chick as well! already!

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