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Game 2 comes up on Friday at 1:15pm Australian Eastern time. Bold 3 is Sunday at 10am. Not abiding if they’re application alpha pitches or the aforementioned clue at Mackay for those games, that aspect could be interesting.

Then the day-night Test bout starts from September 30 for four days, comedy at 4pm anniversary day.

See you there.

3.01am EDT 03:01

Well, that was dominant. Australia’s adolescent bowlers did the job early, Darcie Brown acrimonious up 4 for 33 from her nine overs, afresh Hannah Darlington got 2 for 29 from eight. Added to the point was how Darlington awkward the scoring. So did everyone, really, except Ellyse Perry who bowled 10 wides today. The aftereffect was that they didn’t basin India out, but still belted them to 225 for 8, with 45 of those runs advancing in a astern birr amid Richa Ghosh and Goswami.

Sophie Molineux 2 for 39 from nine. Georgia Wareham bowled her abounding 10 overs for 36 runs. Ash Gardner’s four overs amount 12.

Then the run hunt became a run stroll. The aperture angle was 126. Alyssa Healy fabricated 77 at a run a ball, and gave abroad a adventitious at a hundred attractive for two sixes in a row. Afresh Lanning came out and stroked her aboriginal 30 so bound that there was no adventitious to anticipate of India applying pressure. Haynes went on to 93, Lanning to 52, and the captain’s career boilerplate in run chases is now 67.51.

Australia get win #25 in their streak, and looked several classes aloft India today.

2.54am EDT 02:54

41st over: Australia 227-1 (Haynes 93, Lanning 53) Goswami bowls a low abounding bung and Lanning places the drive advanced of mid-off. That’s bisected aeon cardinal 16 in her ODI career, this one from 67 balls.

So there will be no aeon for Haynes. But if I’m strict, she didn’t absolutely deserve one. Hasn’t done abundant in the aftermost hour, in agreement of advance or nailing her shots, and it would accept acquainted a bit bargain had Lanning nursed her to the milestone.

Haynes does hit the acceptable runs though. A college abounding toss, clubbed over midwicket and it will hit the gap.

2.50am EDT 02:50

40th over: Australia 218-1 (Haynes 89, Lanning 48) Loses the bang aboriginal ball. Rana is bowling off-spin over the wicket to the lefty, bowls alfresco her leg stump, it’s a allowance for Haynes to sweep, but she alone nicks it or gloves it, into the helmet of the wicketkeeper. It bounces abroad for a single. Lanning sweeps the abutting brawl for four. So she’s got a fifty in her sights. Afresh gives Haynes the bang back, but Haynes has been afraid up absolutely here. Two dot balls, can’t exhausted the field, afresh she paddle-sweeps but that gets her two runs and costs her the strike.

Australia allegation eight to win.

2.45am EDT 02:45

39th over: Australia 210-1 (Haynes 86, Lanning 43) Goswami to bowl. Haynes defends the aboriginal on off stump. Looks to adviser the abutting brawl accomplished but misses. Defends breadth on the stumps again. Ring field, four in the off side. Misses a bouncer! Goswami with a acceptable one, appropriate up at helmet height. Haynes drives to mid-off, dot ball. What doing, Rachael! Get a distinct at atomic and compression the strike. And she does! Dinks to midwicket. Pantomimes at absent the additional run, afore Lanning throws up the stop sign.

Updated at 2.45am EDT

2.41am EDT 02:41

38th over: Australia 209-1 (Haynes 85, Lanning 43) So it’s 20 to win and Haynes needs 18 for a ton. Is maybe cerebration about it as she tries to booty Rana downtown, but mistimes the attempt afresh and it plugs abbreviate of continued off, for one run. Lanning gives her the bowling back, and analogously Haynes looks to hit adamantine but alone abatement it bottomward the arena for addition single. Lanning tries a big cut attempt for four to end the over, but it’s adored at cover. So she’s not activity to allure Haynes to the score, that abundant seems evident.

17 to win. Haynes will accept strike.

2.38am EDT 02:38

37th over: Australia 205-1 (Haynes 83, Lanning 41) Goswami’s eighth over, and alone two runs from this one. Maybe the batters appetite to see her off as well?

2.37am EDT 02:37

36th over: Australia 203-1 (Haynes 82, Lanning 40) The end of Poonam Yadav for the day, dinking three singles as the Australians see her off. She’s taken the one wicket to abatement but conceded 58 runs in accomplishing so. That’s a win for the home team.

2.36am EDT 02:36

35th over: Australia 200-1 (Haynes 80, Lanning 39) There’s a bigger lofted attempt from Haynes. Bottomward the clue and drives Rana over awning for four. Lifts a brace of runs bottomward the ground, sweeps one to accumulate strike.

2.26am EDT 02:26

34th over: Australia 192-1 (Haynes 73, Lanning 38) Poonam Yadav will basin her aftermost brace of overs, cycle the dice. The Aussie go-slow continues. They’ve gone from that application of 32 runs from three overs to a application of 21 from seven.

34 to win.

2.24am EDT 02:24

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33rd over: Australia 189-1 (Haynes 72, Lanning 36) Goes the ambit shot, does Lanning, off a top bend to abysmal midwicket and aloof bottomward abbreviate of the sweeper active about squarer. Afresh it’s the about-face of Haynes, who accuse and lofts, cloughs it over mid on, and it acreage amid continued on active up and midwicket active back. No luck for Sneh Rana.

Ooh. About this song.

2.17am EDT 02:17

32nd over: Australia 186-1 (Haynes 71, Lanning 34) Haynes takes a distinct aboriginal ball, so it’s Lanning again. Who has aloof faced 12 assurance in a row for one run, and now gets bang back. Dot brawl to cover, thinks about active but goes back. Goswami the bowler. Lanning drives beeline at mid off but runs with the stroke, acrimonious that Mithali was the fielder and wasn’t acceptable to burglarize in a awkward absolute hit beyond her anatomy at the non-striker’s end. Haynes gives the bang aback immediately. Maybe Lanning is accepting flashbacks to Goswami agitation her off butt aback in the 2017 Apple Cup semifinal. Addition block, afresh keeps the bang with a drive to abysmal cover.

2.14am EDT 02:14

31st over: Australia 182-1 (Haynes 69, Lanning 32) The cat-and-mouse bold continues. It’s not that Lanning isn’t arena shots adjoin Rana: she pings four deliveries beeline to the off-side field. But doesn’t exhausted it, and it’s a scoreless over.

2.12am EDT 02:12

30th over: Australia 182-1 (Haynes 69, Lanning 32) Goswami continues, but Lanning is blessed to see her off, aloof a distinct from the aftermost ball. Putting on the brakes ability accept fabricated a aberration earlier, but now it’s aloof a abeyance on the inevitable.

2.07am EDT 02:07

I accept not absolute this whatsoever, but SCANDAL AT THE CRICKET acknowledgment to Wojami in my emails.

“Hey Geoff, I was aloof watching Alyssa Healy accompany up her bisected aeon – that was a 6 not a 4. It absolutely aloof austere the rope, I zoomed in on it. She got ripped off a maximum!”

2.04am EDT 02:04

29th over: Australia 181-1 (Haynes 69, Lanning 31) You about apprehension that Meg Lanning is out there, but she’s already racked up 30 afterwards added than a run a ball, and she’s on the border of a fifty partnership. Haynes raises it by active Sneh Rana over awning for two, advancing, afresh goes aback to about-face a brawl off her stumps for one. Gets the bang back, afresh pinches a distinct that becomes two afterwards a absolute hit on the stumps ricochets away.

Drinks. Australia allegation 45 to win. Haynes needs 31 for a ton, but I doubtable Lanning is acquisitive up runs too fast for that to happen, unless Haynes hits the hammer.

1.58am EDT 01:58

28th over: Australia 175-1 (Haynes 64, Lanning 30) You accept to admiration about Mithali Raj’s addiction to let amateur drift. Jhulan Goswami has bowled four overs acceptance 17 runs at the alpha of the innings. India’s bang bowler, arch best wicket-taker, the best experienced. She hasn’t alternate with the brawl until now, aback the bout is lost. Lanning and Haynes appropriately accumulate her out during this over, animadversion about four runs.

1.54am EDT 01:54

27th over: Australia 171-1 (Haynes 63, Lanning 27) India aloof appetite to backpack up and arch to the auberge for the day, I reckon. Poonam Yadav alert bowls way bottomward leg, this time to the right-handed Lanning, who plays two identical ambit shots for two identical boundaries. 32 runs from the aftermost three overs.

1.52am EDT 01:52

26th over: Australia 160-1 (Haynes 63, Lanning 16) They’ve kept mid on up for Haynes, aggravating to allure her to go over the top. She doesn’t: instead aback she accuse she whacks it forth the ground, central that mid off position for four. Afresh cuts addition boundary, astern point this time as Deepti Sharma drops short. There’s the 2000-run mark for Haynes in ODIs.

1.45am EDT 01:45

25th over: Australia 149-1 (Haynes 53, Lanning 15) Acceptable bouncer from Meghna! Absolutely abode it in to Haynes, gets acceptable acclivity up appear the helmet and Haynes flinches as she pulls. Totally uncontrolled, top edge, it aloof happens to abatement cautiously abaft square. But she gets of strike, and Lanning gets a abounding advanced brawl that she creams abroad with a aboveboard drive for four. Afresh waits aback for addition abbreviate brawl and smacks abroad the cull attempt for another. It doesn’t get up absolutely as aerial as the antecedent abbreviate ball, but still appealing good. It’s aloof that Lanning is accessible for it.

1.42am EDT 01:42

24th over: Australia 139-1 (Haynes 52, Lanning 6) Poor brawl from Poonam, angled but alfresco the left-hander’s leg stump, and simple for Haynes to ambit accomplished for four. There’s her milestone.

1.36am EDT 01:36

23rd over: Australia 132-1 (Haynes 46, Lanning 5) Meghna Singh returns, beats Lanning with abroad swing, afresh takes the bend advanced of the babysitter for four. Genuine nick, but on the animation abaft the stumps. The alone account from the over abreast from a wide.

1.34am EDT 01:34

22nd over: Australia 127-1 (Haynes 46, Lanning 1) Meg Lanning abutting to the crease, the best amateur anytime in this women’s architecture with her 14 one-day tons. She’s arena her 200th bout for Australia today beyond the three forms. Alone four Tests in there but she’ll add two added this summer.

1.31am EDT 01:31

Past the 2000 mark with a six! Healy accuse bottomward to Poonam, alcove the angle and hits it asleep beeline bottomward the arena and over the rope. But she goes to the able-bodied already too generally from the abutting ball. Doesn’t ability the angle the additional time around, Poonam’s flight beats her, acceptation she hits it adulate than intended, and afresh a bit of about-face makes the attempt skew added than it would have. Caught at mid off. She’s fabricated her shirt number, and all but won this bout for Australia. Vastrakar at atomic gets to accord with a catch.

Updated at 1.35am EDT

1.25am EDT 01:25

21st over: Australia 120-0 (Haynes 46, Healy 71) Advanced to Healy, who alcove to Rana and drives her aboveboard for two. Afresh cuts adamantine for a single. She’s three runs abroad from her 2000th in ODI cricket. Haynes is 17 abroad from the aforementioned mark. Healy sweeps addition single.

Updated at 1.26am EDT

1.22am EDT 01:22

20th over: Australia 114-0 (Haynes 44, Healy 67) Addition skip bottomward from Healy to Poonam, and is advantageous to get article on that brawl as it about dips beneath the bat. Drives a single. Haynes goes with a reverse, but Poonam’s blow is so apathetic that she has to delay for it and comedy a about-face advertise added than a sweep, to the gap at abbreviate third for two runs. Afresh addition brace pulled to accomplished leg. Haynes dispatch up her amount while Healy battles a bit.

1.18am EDT 01:18

19th over: Australia 107-0 (Haynes 38, Healy 66) Rana bowling. Healy is backbreaking a little in the Mackay heat, I reckon. A draft of weariness to her cut attempt that armament a distinct through cover, rather than lacing into it through point. Haynes sweeps a couple, addition acceptable diving stop on the braiding at accomplished leg. The Indians accept been acceptable in the acreage today. Aloof haven’t been able to force affairs with the ball. And best importantly, were abbreviate of runs to activate with. This angle has got bigger and bigger to bat on, it looks like.

1.14am EDT 01:14

18th over: Australia 103-0 (Haynes 35, Healy 65) Poonam Yadav afresh has to alter Vastrakar afterwards one over. Landing them beautifully adjoin Healy, looping them appropriate up to her toes and accepting them dip. Astern in the over though, the batters both adhere aback to cut. Healy gets one run, Haynes gets three, kept from four by addition accomplished dive from Rana. She’s done that alert today, diving over the brawl and flicking it aback aural a few microns of the rope.

1.10am EDT 01:10

17th over: Australia 96-0 (Haynes 31, Healy 63) Sneh Rana comes on, the off-spinner who played so able-bodied during India’s contempo Test adjoin England and in so accomplishing affected her way aback into the ODI team. She can bat, too, the abounding package. No luck for her aboriginal over though, as she turns the brawl abundant to booty an alfresco bend from Haynes, but sees it cycle abroad accomplished for four.

1.05am EDT 01:05

16th over: Australia 89-0 (Haynes 24, Healy 63) Vastrakar has been taken from the attack, had a rest, and returns. Her day doesn’t get abundant bigger though. 16 from the aboriginal over, 10 from this one. Addition abounding bung that Healy can accurately over a beeline midwicket for four, afresh a brace of twos on the off side.

Batting looks like a cruise appropriate now. Healy has a aeon there for the taking, she’s in the array of breeze area alone her accepting apathetic and aggravating article too aggressive ability accumulate her from it.

1.01am EDT 01:01

15th over: Australia 79-0 (Haynes 23, Healy 54) Not abiding Healy needs to try the about-face ambit adjoin Poonam. Beaten by the bounce, predictably, as it goes over her gloves. But she gets off bang with a accepted ambit to follow, and Haynes cuts a couple.

12.58am EDT 00:58

14th over: Australia 75-0 (Haynes 20, Healy 53) Afresh a brawl and a hit to the rope. Over mid off from Deepti. A few years Healy had one of the affliction top-order batting annal in apple cricket, in the years aback she has one of the best. That is half-century cardinal 13 in ODI candid for her.

12.56am EDT 00:56

13th over: Australia 67-0 (Haynes 19, Healy 46) Aboriginal draft adjoin Poonam from Healy, absence bottomward to the angle (which is generally not accessible to do) and active out through awning for four. That will animate Australia.

12.49am EDT 00:49

12th over: Australia 61-0 (Haynes 18, Healy 41) Double circuit persists with Deepti Sharma. The Australians are alive her calmly though, aboveboard of the wicket on both sides. Four singles and a two.

12.46am EDT 00:46

11th over: Australia 55-0 (Haynes 16, Healy 37) This is a big contest. Poonam Yadav, and her achingly apathetic leg-breaks. They accept been the accident of the Australians before, absent to advance them but not alive how. I doubtable they’ve done some austere assignment on this aback actuality ashamed at the T20 Apple Cup aftermost year. Today, three singles, one attempted allegation from Healy that doesn’t work.

12.44am EDT 00:44

10th over: Australia 52-0 (Haynes 15, Healy 35) Raj turns to spin, bringing on Deepti Sharma to abjure the Australians pace. But Haynes skips bottomward additional brawl and drives beeline of mid off for four! There’s the 50 affiliation at a acceptable clip. Haynes cuts a brace added abaft point. Now she’s up and active too.

12.36am EDT 00:36

9th over: Australia 46-0 (Haynes 9, Healy 35) Pooja Vastrakar the aboriginal bowling change to alter Goswami, but she hasn’t abstruse the acquaint from the Goswami spell. Namely, don’t basin short. Especially to Healy. Addition one that’s aloof fractionally short, about a adamantine length, but Healy’s easily are so fast that she takes it off the top of the animation through midwicket again.

Then gets a abounding toss, goes the aforementioned way, but bigger! Longer. Six. She advisedly hits this one upwards, angling the bat face up to get elevation.

Vastrakar goes aback to a beneath length, and Healy pulls for four! Waaay in advanced of square, splits the gap amid mid-on and midwicket and beats the chase. The over costs 16 runs, all of them to Healy.

12.33am EDT 00:33

8th over: Australia 30-0 (Haynes 9, Healy 19) Meghna aback in control, managing to basin seven deliveries at Healy and accumulate the concoction to one run. Additionally concedes a wide, aggravating to hit Healy’s leg butt afterwards acquainted how far she moves across. It doesn’t appear off. Healy gets a distinct to leg from the aftermost ball, afterwards arena aggregate abroad to the off-side field.

12.28am EDT 00:28

7th over: Australia 28-0 (Haynes 9, Healy 18) Haynes now, the Aussies activity cull for pull, hitting Goswami out through midwicket although some abundant fielding from Sneh Rana tips the brawl aback and it stops actually an inch central the rope. Healy comes on bang with the third run, and Goswami beats her with the abbreviate brawl finally, assault into her thigh as Healy tries to cull again. Appeal for lbw, and the brawl about bounces aback assimilate her stumps, but the babysitter survives.

12.24am EDT 00:24

6th over: Australia 24-0 (Haynes 6, Healy 17) Meghna so about gets through addition tidy over, three runs from bristles balls, but Healy drags a cull attempt abroad from the sixth. It isn’t able-bodied struck, not abbreviate abundant to cull and she gets added basal bend than annihilation on it, but it eventually dribbles into the braiding abaft aboveboard leg.

12.22am EDT 00:22

5th over: Australia 17-0 (Haynes 5, Healy 11) Watches Meghna go by, but aloof watches Goswami go! Healy cracks addition cull attempt for four, this time aerial over midwicket, quick as a beam to booty the brawl off a breadth with a acceptable able of the bat.

12.21am EDT 00:21

4th over: Australia 13-0 (Haynes 4, Healy 7) Meghna befitting Haynes actual quiet, demography four assurance aloof to get off bang with a little nudge to leg. Healy watches a brace of outswingers go by.

12.17am EDT 00:17

3rd over: Australia 11-0 (Haynes 3, Healy 7) Haynes brand the cull shot, and she’s abbreviate of ability so it’s accessible for her to get the breadth to ambush on. Pulls Goswami aboveboard for a brace of runs. Doesn’t get it out of the middle. Healy does though! Cracks it for four.

12.14am EDT 00:14

2nd over: Australia 4-0 (Haynes 1, Healy 3) Meghna Singh from the added end, bowling right-arm over and accepting some nice outswing appearance to Healy, who keeps walking beyond to abode the band of the ball. Edges abbreviate of a additional slip, Mithali Raj accepting a award in abode early.

12.12am EDT 00:12

1st over: Australia 2-0 (Haynes 1, Healy 1) Don’t panic, Australians, we address the array application the all-around adjustment accustomed we accept all kinds of candid advantage on this site. Jhulan Goswami starts off absolutely as she usually does, hitting a adamantine breadth and a bound band on off stump. Alone a brace of singles, Healy affairs out the cut attempt aboriginal but not timing it.

11.52pm EDT 23:52

Thanks Megan, accost all. It has begun. Australia’s candid summer, I mean. England’s women are still arena over there. England’s Test alternation alone afresh (and prematurely) concluded. The aftermost annular of the County Championship starts afterwards today, with the Bob Willis Trophy awaiting. And yet, with the arctic division not yet complete, the southern begins. What a time we alive in.

11.37pm EDT 23:37

After a adequately adverse alpha for the Australians, with some uncharacteristically decayed bowling from Perry, they showed why they are such a ascendant force in apple cricket. It was a huge bold for Darcie Brown in her additional ODI, finishing with 4-33 from her nine overs. Debutant Hannah Darlington was additionally amazing with 2-29 from eight overs. The Australians will accept capital to accumulate that absolute a little lower, but they will be assured that their batters can get this done afterwards too abundant trouble. I’m attractive advanced to seeing Healy appear out firing, but Rachael Haynes will additionally accept a big role to comedy at the top. I’ll leave you in the able easily of my admirable aide Geoff Lemon, who will adviser you through Australia’s batting innings. Acknowledgment for blind out with me during that actual agreeable alpha to the summer of cricket.

Updated at 11.50pm EDT

11.30pm EDT 23:30

50th over: India 225-8 (Meghna 1, Richa 32)

It’s Molineux with the aftermost over and she armament a adventitious on the additional ball, but there are no fielders beneath it. But on the third ball, she strikes to abolish Jhulan and gets a attending at the new concoction beeline away. She does a abundant job of captivation her on bang for the aboriginal ball, but Meghna gets herself bottomward the non-strikers end to let Richa accomplishment off the innings. A actual acceptable commitment from Molineux finishes it off and doesn’t let Richa get beneath it.

11.27pm EDT 23:27

Another acceptable ambiguous from Healy who is on song with the gloves today. Molineux plays her allotment perfectly, putting the brawl a little bit added than she has been and tempts Jhulan bottomward the wicket.

11.25pm EDT 23:25

49th over: India 221-7 (Jhulan 19, Richa 30)

In the penultimate over, McGrath continues with her spell, but Jhulan is accessible to comedy and smashes her for the aboriginal six of the bold off the aboriginal brawl of the over. McGrath tidies up afterwards that, with a dot and afresh a two that India absolutely accept to blitz through. Jhulan is hitting the brawl actual hard, and eventually she’s able carbon that accomplishment from the aboriginal brawl of the overwith addition six from the aftermost afterwards McGrath misses her length. It’s a acceptable over from India, but it’s possibly too little, too late.

11.20pm EDT 23:20

48th over: India 204-7 (Jhulan 10, Richa 22)

Molineux allotment to the advance and takes the blow off the brawl so as not to accord the Indian batters the befalling to use the pace. Richa plays it accurately from the third brawl of the over, demography advantage of the abandoned block position to adviser the brawl to the abuttals and follows it up with a admirable cut attempt for a additional after four.

11.16pm EDT 23:16

47th over: India 193-7 (Jhulan 8, Richa 13)

McGrath comes aback into the advance and it alone takes Jhulan a brace of assurance to admeasurement her up and beacon the brawl acclaim accomplished third for a boundary. McGrath claws it aback and doesn’t let the over get abroad from her.

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