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“I cannot acquisition a abode nor class in which to put my paintings nor a name to alarm them,” he said in an artist’s account appear in the Louisville Gazette in 1959. The abutting year, a acute analyst detected “a grave, clandestine urgency” in his work. And in 1965, Thompson said he was “trying to appearance what’s happening, what’s activity on . . . in my own clandestine way.”

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3 Classy Bob Haircuts for Older Women (3 Trends) | Bobs For Older Women
3 Classy Bob Haircuts for Older Women (3 Trends)
3 Classy Bob Haircuts for Older Women (3 Trends) | Bobs For Older Women

Thompson died in 1966. He had become absorbed to heroin and overdosed anon afterwards a gallbladder operation. He was 28. Although his career was abbreviate (just eight years), Thompson was prolific, creating added than 1,000 paintings. His assignment is now the accountable of “Bob Thompson: This House Is Mine,” a arresting appearance at the Colby College Museum of Art in Waterville, Maine, through Jan. 9. The aboriginal Thompson attendant in 20 years, it will biking aboriginal abutting year to Chicago, afore affective to Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Thompson, who was African American, was built-in and aloft in Kentucky. His ancestor died in a car blast back he was 13. Five years later, he enrolled as a pre-med apprentice at Boston University. He alone out, advancing with depression, and alternate to the afresh desegregated University of Louisville to abstraction painting.

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In 1958, Thompson confused to New York’s Lower East Side, befriending poets, musicians and adolescent artists. He spent that summer — a determinative one — in Provincetown, Mass., again an artisan antecedents on Cape Cod. Abstraction was all the rage, but Thompson was acquisitive to bang adjoin orthodoxy. He encountered the assignment of Jan Müller (1922-1958), a allegorical painter of answerable anecdotal scenes who had died recently. Müller’s appearance — naive, anecdotal scenes with assorted abstracts and active colors — resonated deeply.

In 1960, Thompson affiliated Carol Plenda, a White woman. The brace catholic to Europe twice, aboriginal in 1961 (when they acclimatized for two years in Ibiza, Spain), and again in 1965, back they acclimatized in Rome. That’s area the artisan died.

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I’m starting with this biographical outline — meandering about the bend of things — because that’s what Thompson did in his paintings. His abstracts are about all silhouettes. They float, angle or sit about — occasionally beginning wings, mouths, eyes or absurd headwear — in abundantly atramentous landscapes that accept the irrational, shapeshifting affection of dreams.

He was such a aboveboard and carnal searcher! I acquainted I knew about Thompson’s adulation of the Old Masters, but I was afraid by how deeply, anon and fruitfully his assignment was aggressive by them. The Colby appearance includes apart but calmly apparent improvisations on paintings by Fra Angelico, Piero della Francesca, Titian, Tintoretto and Poussin, as able-bodied as an continued run of paintings riffing on “Los Caprichos,” a acclaimed apartment of etchings by Goya.

Goya’s aphotic visions — his sardonic, scathing, actively basic accent — are abaft so abounding of Thompson’s final works, with their atramentous abracadabra and bat wings and cabalistic allegory. But the works are additionally alloyed with the atmosphere of amore and asceticism in the Renaissance Italians and in Poussin. All of it is antipodal into a avant-garde address that is advisedly gauche and at times clotted, but at the aforementioned time abundantly atramentous and abounding of feeling. Thompson’s agee abstracts beat and absorb with the accomplishments in means that are heavily aggressive by Gauguin, as able-bodied as backward Cézanne and aboriginal Matisse.

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Of what was Thompson dreaming? One would like to be able say — to spell out the absolute agreeable of his dreamwork. It is generally advancing — at already amative and violent. But these are developed paintings, and Thompson was not absorbed in actuality explained away. Unfortunately, the organizers accept smothered his mysterious, silently abounding paintings with far too abundant text. One painting is askew and all but amidst by a continued citation in an billowing font. Abounding others are afraid on walls corrective in brash, abominably alleged colors. Abundant of the argument is agreeably informative, but it is flavored by the affectionate of bookish character backroom from which Thompson would absolutely accept recoiled.

Reviewing a arcade appearance in 1962, a analyzer for Art News said Thompson brought “a clandestine vision” or “fantasy” into “a quick accustomed transaction with anatomy and color.” Quick and accustomed is right: The works accept the activity of syncopated boom rhythms, or reflex cerebral impulses that toggle amid what the artisan and analyzer Randall Jarrell alleged “half the announcement of a ambition and bisected the aegis adjoin the wish.”

Some affection monsters, lynchings and aberrant rituals; others appearance scenes of amends and avengement — although the anarchic atmosphere suggests adulterated justice. Lynchings, crucifixions and executions are a cogent allotment of Thompson’s repertoire, as are looming atramentous monsters. In such works as “The Hanging,” “The Judgment” and “The Execution,” it’s bright that he is angry — in a attitude of abysmal ailment — with the bequest of alarm in the American South area he grew up, and area lynchings were affiliated to a common abstraction — a affectionate of accumulation agitation — of the animal annoyance allegedly airish by Atramentous boys and men.

By the backward 1950s and aboriginal ’60s, female was for abounding afflicted bodies an announcement of political liberation. Thompson was in adulation with Plenda, but such interracial relationships remained fraught, so you can brainstorm why images of atramentous monsters and lynchings fabricated it into his work. But alike such acute and airy accountable amount is presented with Thompson’s appropriate ambivalence. He was an artisan in adulation with his own opacity.

Jazz — with its complicated rhythms, hasty harmonies and gear-shifting melodies — was a huge access on Thompson’s artistic process. A above painting here, “Garden of Music,” endemic by the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford, Conn., is absolutely in the modernist Arcadian attitude of Cézanne’s “The Large Bathers,” Matisse’s “Music” and Gauguin’s “Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Area Are We Going?” But instead of bearding archetypes, Thompson’s painting presents identifiable applesauce musicians he knew from Slugs Saloon and the Five Spot bistro in New York: Coleman, John Coltrane, Don Cherry, Sonny Rollins, Ed Blackwell and Charlie Haden. A adjacent painting, “Homage to Nina Simone” (the allegorical accompanist and civilian rights activist was yet addition friend), is a amazing admixture of Poussin and Matisse.

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The elusiveness, the abnegation to settle, in Coltrane melodies has an agnate in Thompson’s work. Every time you anticipate his painting ability acknowledgment to a home key or achieve into a bright reading, it accouterment and floats off assimilate article added interesting.

Is there an affinity to be fabricated with character politics? Thompson was African American and his assignment affected effectively on capacity pertaining to the Atramentous experience. But he was a painter, not a polemicist, and his best of that average had aggregate to do with a airy and animal restlessness, with the charge to say: “You don’t apperceive me. You can’t put me in your neat, prefabricated box. You can’t pin me down.”

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Bob Thompson: This House Is Mine Through Jan. 9 at the Colby College Museum of Art, Waterville, Maine. colby.edu/museum. Feb. 10-May 15 at the Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago, Chicago. smartmuseum.uchicago.edu. June 18-Sept. 11 at the Aerial Museum of Art, Atlanta. high.org. Oct. 9, 2022-Jan. 8, 2023 at the Bang Museum at UCLA, Los Angeles. hammer.ucla.edu.

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