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In the aboriginal abstract from his agreeable new memoir, columnist and anchorperson GYLES BRANDRETH declared a camp appointment to Copenhagen’s red-light commune as a affiliate of Lord Longford’s Pornography Commission. Today, in the additional of a three-part series, he recalls some amazing encounters that will accomplish you beam out loud… 

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3 Best Hairstyles For Men Over 3 Years - AtoZ Hairstyles
3 Best Hairstyles For Men Over 3 Years – AtoZ Hairstyles | Mens Hairstyles Over 60 Years Old

According to Philip Larkin’s acclaimed composition Annus Mirabilis, ‘Sexual action began in nineteen sixty-three … amid the end of the ‘Chatterley’ ban and the Beatles’ aboriginal LP.’

I don’t accept there was abundant of it at Bedales Academy in 1963, alike admitting it was a co-educational boarding school. But while I was there, I did abatement in adulation absolutely often.

One of my greatest triumphs was with Chrissie, who was 18 aback our accord began. I was four years her junior.

All that I accept been anytime since, I started actuality at Bedales. My wife finds this a bit depressing. Gyles Brandreth at New College, Oxford, 1968

The ancient sister of a babe in my year, she’d appear aback to the academy to see a assembly of Murder In The Cathedral in which I played the Messenger and had a baby walk-on allotment as one of the monks.

I had no abstraction she was in the audience, until two or three canicule afterwards the performance, aback I accustomed a ten-page letter from her that began: ‘My angel angel Gyles, I saw you in the comedy on Friday and I accept to acquaint you that I am now in love. Don’t laugh. This is real. This is true. This is beautiful.’

This is odd, I thought, but not unpleasant. She amid a photograph, and an allurement to me to abode aback and allotment my hopes and dreams and ‘innermost, innermost, INNERMOST’ thoughts with her.

I wrote back. I accept no abstraction what I said, but I accept kept every one of the 100 and added added affectionate belletrist she beatific to me over the abutting two years. Some included band assets of her sitting up in bed, topless, animated at me.

There is a coda to this story. One day, aback I was 16, I was lying on my bed, account a book, aback a boy popped his arch about the aperture and said, ‘Your acquaintance Chrissie is in the quad. She wants to see you.’

I curiosity I had any accompany at all. I brainstorm the abandoned acumen a babe anytime kissed me was to shut me up. Pictured, Gyles Brandreth in 1954

In my additional year at Oxford, I stood for the Union admiral and won. My actual aeon included four approaching ministers (William Waldegrave, Robert Jackson, Ann Widdecombe and Edwina Currie).

Ann was a tad unusual, alike at 20. She had a admirer alleged Colin and they absolved about like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, rather durably captivation hands. Her acceptance was important to her.

As an MP later, aback she travelled about the country giving speeches she took with her copies of a book, On Christian Principles, to administer afterwards the meeting.

Once, she larboard the books in her car and anon afore the affair was apparent active aimlessly through the streets of Maidenhead calling out to addled passers-by: ‘I’ve absent my Christian Principles!’



Chrissie and I had never met. I didn’t appetence to accommodated her now. Not affair her is what had fabricated her special. I backward area I was.

Another bulletin came: ‘Chrissie’s here. She’s cat-and-mouse for you.’

I got up, I combed my hair, I went bottomward to the quadrangle. I recognised her at once. She looked amazing — alike sexier than her photograph.

She didn’t recognise me at all. Aural three minutes, we had formed out that the boy she had capital to accord with had been addition of the monks in Murder In The Cathedral.

Her sister had articular me by mistake. I never heard from Chrissie again.

All that I accept been anytime since, I started actuality at Bedales. My wife finds this a bit depressing. ‘There’s been no development in your activity at all,’ she says.

For bristles years afterwards pause, I was busy-busy-busy, active from one activity to the next.

jeff bridges - Google Images  Older mens hairstyles, Long hair
jeff bridges – Google Images Older mens hairstyles, Long hair | Mens Hairstyles Over 60 Years Old

Some bodies at academy alleged me ‘Supercilious Simpson’. Was I supercilious? I don’t anticipate I was (well, no added than a bit), but I can see now that I articulate it.

The added day I came beyond a blow of me on TV in the 1960s. My approach articulation is embarrassing: a abominable conflation of Little Lord Fauntleroy, Celia Johnson in Brief Encounter and Leslie Howard as the Scarlet Pimpernel. And I acclimated 100 words aback ten would do.

I curiosity I had any accompany at all. I brainstorm the abandoned acumen a babe anytime kissed me was to shut me up.

Every term, I produced plays and cabarets and I was in the academy comedy every year. Aback I played Malvolio in Twelfth Night, the amateur Michael Hordern’s daughter, Joanna, played Olivia.

Unfortunately, at the aperture achievement my parents were built-in in advanced of Joanna’s parents, and every time I came on, Sir Michael — as he became — couldn’t accommodate himself: ‘Oh God, that boy is so dreadful. The overacting — it’s embarrassing, it’s unbearable.’ (What did he know?)

I began my activity in backroom at Bedales. In 1964 I was the Conservative applicant in the school’s apish accepted election. I calm my attack actual from the home of Lady Ashcombe who lived not far from the school.

That’s area I aboriginal bent afterimage of her granddaughter Camilla Shand, age-old 17, in her jodhpurs, ambuscade in the bushes, smoker a Woodbine. Fifty-five years on, the Duchess of Cornwall doesn’t abjure she was smoking, but she’s determined it wasn’t a Woodbine.

I additionally edited the academy annual — and wrote best of it (of course). My aboriginal account was with the bounded vicar. My additional was with the Admiral of Switzerland, whom I’d met by adventitious while teaching English one summer to the son of a Swiss brigadier.

President Paul Chaudet, an old acquaintance of his, had appear to banquet one night. He was 60 and looked like a affable adaptation of Adolf Hitler: he had balmy eyes, but Hitler’s besom beard and adverse hairstyle. He attentive agreed to accord me an interview.

Over the years, I accept been advantageous abundant to account an array of presidents, princes and prime ministers, but I don’t anticipate any one of them has anytime accustomed me such aboveboard answers as Monsieur Chaudet did for the Bedales Chronicle.

In Switzerland, women did not get the vote in federal elections until 1971. This was 1966, so I asked the Admiral why it was that women weren’t enfranchised.

‘Because men and women are not equal,’ he said simply.

‘Do you beggarly that?’ I asked.

‘Yes, I do. The sexes may be complementary, but they are absolutely not equal. Man is captivated in his professional, political, agreeable and aggressive life, while the woman’s abode is in the home.’

‘When there was aftermost a civic election on the amount and the election was accessible to all, how did your own wife vote?’ I asked.

That’s area I aboriginal bent afterimage of her granddaughter Camilla Shand, age-old 17, in her jodhpurs, ambuscade in the bushes, smoker a Woodbine. Pictured, Gyles Brandreth and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

‘Oh, she didn’t,’ he said amiably. ‘She couldn’t. I bound her in the bath for the day.’

In 1967, I accustomed at Oxford, area I met everybody. Everybody. Alike my wife-to-be. I absolutely lived activity at a crazy pace. I started autograph for Isis, again beatific a agenda to the aboriginal changeable admiral in the history of the Oxford University Dramatic Society. She appropriate we accommodated for a drink, so we did.

Diana Quick was 21, dark, beautiful, bad-tempered — and cutting a covering miniskirt. I’d never apparent or met anyone like her. She crackled with activity and intelligence: she was agitative to be with and a bit alarming. I sensed she could eat a minnow like me for breakfast.

With apprentice anarchy active abounding beyond the world, I’d anticipation it ability be fun to do article counter-intuitive, like an ancient ancestors pantomime. To my surprise, she seemed amused by my idea.

She said: ‘And why not?’, but explained I would accept to admirers with a arena from Shakespeare.

A few canicule later, I did aloof that —and Diana played Juliet for me. I anticipate it was allurement her to advance admiration by putting her top teeth acclaim over her lower lip that clinched it.

After accepting the gig, I put up notices in colleges beyond Oxford announcement the auditions: ‘If you accept what it takes to be a absurd princess, amuse appear to the Music Room in New College Cloisters . . .’

Fifty-five years on, the Duchess of Cornwall doesn’t abjure she was smoking, but she’s determined it wasn’t a Woodbine

And they did — in droves, anniversary one, it seemed, lovelier than the last. And to one of them, mid-afternoon, on the fourth day of the auditions, I heard myself saying: ‘Would you apperception cat-and-mouse alfresco for bisected an hour or so until we’ve finished? There’s article I appetence to say to you.’

There was a history abode she didn’t apperception missing, so she waited. And 53 years on, she’s still here. (She is as afraid about that as you are.)

Michèle Brown was 21 aback I met her, dark-haired, bright-eyed and absurdly beautiful. Aback I had ashamed through the blow of that afternoon’s auditions and begin her sitting on a bank cat-and-mouse for me, I may accept said, ‘I adulation you’ appropriate away.

I absolutely asked her out for dinner. I was absolutely bowled over. But Michèle was no pushover. She played adamantine to get. She was alert of men in general, I think, and me in accurate — with my approach articulation and fruity manner, my ceaseless talking and my immediate, over-the-top declarations of love.

I presented her with a book of adulation balladry on our aboriginal date and beatific her telegrams abounding of ball and romance. That’s the way it formed in the canicule afore texting. I can’t say she responded in kind.

She spent a lot of time attractive at me with a acclaim aloft larboard eyebrow. But I didn’t mind: at atomic she was attractive at me.

She beneath my action of a starring allotment in Cinderella. Thankfully her backup was excellent, admitting not absolutely as beautiful, and I was abnormally blessed with my Fairy Queen.

Eliza Manningham-Buller was a blithe babe in the St Trinian’s tradition, the babe of a above Lord Chancellor, who came abaft Benenden and ancestry while bedlam a lot and not demography herself too seriously.

After Oxford, I didn’t see her until I was an MP and she sidled up to me at a Foreign Office party. She was still laughing. She had abutting MI5 in 1974 and was on her way to acceptable its Director-General.

Cinderella was aloof a apprentice production, of course, but I capital it to accept ‘that little added something’. And I’m appreciative to say that Sir Michael Redgrave, again 60, agreed to accomplish the show’s prologue on the aboriginal night.

How did I administer that? I artlessly begin his abode in Who’s Who and wrote to him.

I went to the base to accommodated him. The cartage caked out of the carriages and surged accomplished the admission barrier. No assurance of the abundant man. The Oxford Playhouse blind was due to go up aural the hour, but area was my star?

Then I saw him on the belvedere in the far distance, a huge anatomy in a decrepit raincoat, accustomed a little aged attache and attractive about him with a puzzled, abandoned air. I ran appear him.

‘Sir Michael?’ His ample face bankrupt into a candied smile. He wasn’t at all well, he told me. He acquainted unsteady, ‘strange’, and his articulation had gone, ‘completely gone’.

At the date door, he murmured: ‘A little anchorage ability help.’ Michèle, absolve her, ran into the pub abutting aperture and bought a bottle.

Standing in the wings, he took a bottle of port, again another. And another. And one more.

I aboriginal met Nicholas Parsons in 1969, aback I was 21, at a Christmas affair accustomed by the TV baker Fanny Cradock. We were accompany for 50 years.

With his affability, versatility, able professionalism and constant appetence for work, he was absolutely a role model.

In his 96th year, Nicholas (below) was still hosting my favourite radio console bold Aloof A Minute and, to the actual last, at the top of his game.

When it was aboriginal advertisement in 1967, Clement Freud was on the aboriginal panel. He was acclaimed in those canicule as a television chef, with a lugubrious manner, best accepted for actualization in commercials announcement dog food.

When he was older, he had a favourite line: ‘I acclimated to ask women to appear admiral and accept sex, but now it has to be one or the other.’

That antic does not assume so agreeable today. In 2016, seven years afterwards his death, three women accused him of adolescent animal corruption and rape, accusations which led to a badge analysis and a accessible acknowledgment from his widow.

I knew annihilation of the allegations, but I knew him for over 40 years.

Certainly, he fabricated you laugh, but he also, always, fabricated you feel a bit uneasy, and seemed to appetite accomplishing so. Aback I was an ambitious Conservative MP and he was an accustomed Liberal one, he arrive me to cafeteria a few times.

At the end of the meal, aback the bill arrived, although he was nominally the host, he would advance a little bank game. It complex authoritative a affected assumption apropos to the bill.

Whoever absent would aces up the tab. Needless to say, I consistently fell for it, and Clement consistently won.

He bare to win. He played to win. And never added so than aback demography allotment in Aloof A Minute. His arch tactic was to anxiously watch the alarm and again arrest aback there was abandoned a additional or so to go, and appropriately affirmation the award-winning at the finishing line.

And once, aback I was about to move advanced of him in the game, he advisedly agape my bottle of baptize into my lap. I am analytic aggressive myself, but I was absolutely outclassed.

As the years went by, I noticed he kept beneath aggregation with the blow of us afore and afterwards the show. He generally ate alone.

We were afflictive with him and he was afflictive with us. I consistently anticipation he was an odd one. It seems that he was darker than we realised.



‘How are you activity now, Sir Michael?’ I asked. ‘A abundant accord worse,’ he replied.

The orchestra had accomplished the overture. An alert calm had collapsed over the auditorium. ‘You’re on now, Sir Michael,’ I whispered.

‘I don’t anticipate I can do it,’ he said.

‘You’re on!’ Firmly, about roughly, I pushed him from the blurred wings on to the stage.

As the stooped, shambling amount stepped into the spotlight he was transformed, aback tall, erect, formidable, smiling.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, acceptable evening!’ the aged articulation boomed. The admirers cheered, the abracadabra happened.

That night he begin the activity — and the courage. Over the abutting 15 years, as Parkinson’s ache took a firmer anchor of him and I came to apperceive him better, award either became added difficult.

When we met in Oxford, in London, off and on, over about ten years, his apperception would appear and go. He would allocution of the aboriginal days, of his wife Rachel Kempson (‘Dear Rachel, she puts up with such a lot’) and of Edith Evans. ‘If you are activity to comedy Orlando, you charge adulation your Rosalind! You know, I fabricated adulation to Edith on the night [my daughter] Vanessa was built-in . . .’

Michael was what my acquaintance Barbara Windsor acclimated to alarm ‘Tommy Two-Ways’. All his developed activity he had affairs, occasionally with women, principally with men.

Once, in the bare debating alcove of the Oxford Union, he recited ‘To be or not to be’ aloof for me. It was our fifth or sixth meeting. Perhaps it was flirtation-by-Shakespeare-soliloquy. If so, there are worse kinds.

While still a student, I managed to get a arcane abettor in London. Irene Josephy had accounting to me out of the blue, accepting apprehend about me, and through her I met an interestingly louche crowd.

Among them was the biographer Molly Parkin, who told me she had aloof ‘pleasured an absolute Welsh rugby team’, but added, with a affected flash from her over-mascaraed eyelashes, that she was ‘always accessible for more’.

I additionally bethink Francis Bacon, the artist, sitting at the bar in the Colony Room, artlessly staring at me. Whenever anyone batten to him, he’d say: ‘Piss off, you c*** — I’m attractive at the boy.’

In 1969, I got my own television show: Saturday night, prime time, on ITV. It was alleged A Adolescent Of The Sixties and featured me — at age 21 — on a stool attractive aback at the 1960s, analysis the abundant and the acceptable of the day.

I accept never had a appearance in that aperture since. Soon afterwards, I did my aboriginal book signing — accepting accounting a book about prisons, an absorption at the time.

It was at Selfridges and the band of shoppers continued from the book department, through the aliment department, out into Baker Street and about the bend into Oxford Street.

There was a acumen for that. I was administration the table with addition first-time author: the extra Sophia Loren. She awash added than 1,000 copies of her adventures that day.

I awash 11 copies of my book about prisons: four to my mother, four to my father, two to the agent administrator of the Selfridges’ book administration for barter who, apparently, had asked him to put them by. And, yes, one to Sophia Loren.

Adapted by Corinna Honan from Odd Boy Out by Gyles Brandreth, appear on September 16 by Michael Joseph at £20. © Gyles Brandreth 2021. To adjustment a archetype for £18 (offer accurate until September 25, 2021; UK P&P chargeless on orders over £20), appointment mailshop.co.uk/books or alarm 020 3308 9193.

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