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There are so abounding bright aspects of Latinx culture—one of them actuality our vibrant, unapologetic access to beauty. We appear from ancestors of anesthetized bottomward secrets and cabal tips, but as the apple changes, so does the way we appearance makeup, skincare, hair, and more. Here’s how we’re bond things up and bringing fuego to Latinx adorableness today.

Until I was 21, I chemically straightened and ironed my beard to aural an inch of its activity application my collapsed iron’s accomplished calefaction setting. I believed that if I straightened it into acquiescence in the air conditioned bathroom, it would still be beeline alfresco in South Florida’s 99% humidity; I absolutely capital to accept my beard could baffle the elements of nature.

My beard is the absolute admixture of my parents. My ancestor is Atramentous American, and I affiliated his deeply coiled arrangement with aerial porosity. My mother is Nicaraguan, acceptable of Indigenous and European descent, and her beard is so blubbery that to this day I’ve never apparent her scalp. I’ve spent best of my activity application time-consuming, destructive, and sometimes aching treatments to accomplish my beard attending beneath like my own—less Black. The shows and movies I grew up with didn’t help; Disney still hasn’t apparent me a woman advocate with Afro-textured hair.

Looking aback on my Afro-Latinx beard journey, I can’t advice but anticipate about Malcolm X asking, “Who accomplished you how to abhorrence yourself?” I anticipate about the attenuate agency my Latinx and Atramentous families managed my beard with damaging articles and base comments, and how they gradually fabricated me abhorrence its accustomed texture. I bethink afire it to a brittle with the collapsed adamant and inhaling its fumes.

Generally, I anticipate our mothers accede the accountability of adorning our beauty, abnormally for Latinx women, as acceptable gender roles are so authentic in our culture. My mom is amenable for how I’ve accomplished or alone these predefined gender roles, alignment from how “put-together” I looked to how acceptable I am to get married. Every “y tu novio?” I accustomed in my aboriginal twenties was asked in advanced of my mother. I’m not the easiest applicant for this affectionate of feminization; I accept no absolute absorption in any of the benchmarks of babe and adulthood and acquisition best of them bizarre.

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When I was younger, I eschewed commonly feminine agency of dressing. I consistently adopted to abrasion black—usually a bodice and jeans—occasionally painting my nails, but usually aloof to avert myself from bitter them. I never admired assuming my body. Alike now, I adopt kaftans or jeans and a afar t-shirt. Beyond what I now apperceive were aboriginal break that I was queer, there was addition affair befitting me from accomplishing the “put-together” (read, hyper-femme) look—my hair, that which my mother accounted “unmanageable.”

In South Florida, the “issues” with my beard came out on basin and bank days, through comments like, “it’s boiling today,” and time spent arcade in the “ethnic” beard affliction aisles. I was eight years old aback my parents sat bottomward calm to ask me about adequate my hair. My mom said she artlessly “didn’t apperceive how to accord with it.” From what I can remember, I understood. I was additionally ambidextrous with my hair. I’d crane my close over the tub so my mom could advice me ablution it, and I’d sit for hours through a detangling session. Then, my father, with his able hands, would grease my attic and tug my beard into blubbery braids application little bolitas to authority them in place. I didn’t apperceive this then, but he’s the one who styled my hair, cartoon on his acquaintance with Atramentous beard from his mother—my mom tried, but it was a abrupt acquirements ambit for her and the accomplished artefact was rough.

At eight, I became too old for my beard to be my dad’s responsibility, so my parents said that if I airy my hair, it would be easier for them to accord with. In the call of this experience, I apperceive my beard was casting as a villain in my story. I additionally apperceive that while I could accept declined, it’s adamantine to brainstorm a adolescent adage “no” to a accommodation their parents acutely wanted. So, I said yes. I bethink cerebration that adequate my beard articulate liberating: abounding locks! Aloof one ponytail! Shorter beard administration days! Maybe, I would feel added beautiful. At the time, the appeal didn’t aching my animosity or accomplish me feel “less than” like it does today.

At the salon, I acquainted abundance in a way I hadn’t anytime before. The women who airy my beard were Atramentous Haitians, and had been accomplishing beard for years. I admired the association of Atramentous beard salons; Haitian, Afro-Dominican, Afro-Puerto Rican, and Atramentous American women affectionate for hours beneath hot dryers. Young kids would advertise aliment like griot, maduros, mofongo, and tamales, alive we would be there all day. Admitting altered in anniversary abode I accept lived, the specific activity of Atramentous salons reminds me of the achievability of reconciling my diasporic identities, which had been abundantly captivated afar for me on both abandon of my family.

I went to the aforementioned salon for years, from ages eight to 21, and anniversary time, I acquainted it accurate actuality wholly, truly, and absolutely Latinx. At the salon, my beard and its rituals affiliated me to others rather than alienating me. Paradoxically, alfresco of the salon’s community, my accord to actuality Latina was aerial at best. I accepted but was and am too abashed to allege Spanish. Until aftermost year, I had never been to Nicaragua; and clashing the draft of my Nicaraguan ancestors who ambit in from anemic white and backbiting to absolutely Brown with eyes like café, I am Black. To this day, I’m not abiding my Nica ancestors understands what that agency for me, my father, and sister—the criminalization of our skin, the big and little challenges from healthcare to dating. It’s a abandoned activity to not be apparent by your family.

Quote: “my beard and its rituals affiliated me to others rather than alienating me.”

Illustration/Design: Sarah Maiden, HelloGiggles

My beard has consistently alienated me from both the white Latinx administration in Miami and my own family. My father’s ancestors alive in Virginia and admitting I saw them often, every woman airy their beard and accepted the aforementioned of me. And in Miami, I would attending at long, thick, wavy, or beeline beard donned by the women on my mother’s ancillary with envy. I capital annihilation added than to be able to ablution my beard and let it air dry in afar after-effects or put it up in a bun afterwards actuality afraid about the accompaniment of my “kitchen.” Clashing my cousins, my neighbors, and friends, I had to sit in a armchair for seven or eight hours every few months to change the arrangement of my hair.

At 21, I was working, wrapping up college, and applying to alum school, and my again un-diagnosed sebaceous dermatitis flared up in acknowledgment to the stress. I went to a beard arrangement to get my beard relaxed, and like endless times before, the white chrism was combed into my roots. Clashing added times, though, it anon austere and the adjust eventually aerial up genitalia of my scalp, axis the buttery admixture blush with blood. Afterwards that, my beard was pulled deeply into rollers area I sat beneath a hot dryer for about two hours, and again it was absolute out. Afterward, a blubbery band formed on my scalp, and chunks came out every time I brushed through the unnaturally straight, candy strands.

My mom approved to argue me no one could see it, but I could affirm that no one fabricated eye acquaintance with me for a month. Instead, their eyes wandered to my hairline. I was abashed as I watched scabs abatement to the floor. I was scared, too. Did the relaxer get into my bloodstream? Would I get an infection? Was adequate my beard account it?

At school, I started demography Atramentous Studies classes, acquirements about Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, and Celia Cruz, whose active wigs aggressive me and reminded me of how we can own our beard and looks. For the aboriginal time, I anticipation alarmingly about relaxers in the ambience of the histories these classes presented to me. And again I got angry.

My attic was never the aforementioned afterwards that relaxer, and a abbreviate time later, I absitively to stop adequate my beard absolutely aback I larboard South Florida for alum academy in Tennessee. I explained my accommodation to my mom and she cautioned adjoin “making too abounding changes at once,” but I reminded her of aback the relaxer burst my scalp. She was silent, and her blackout fabricated me livid. Did she absolutely anticipate I would accord in the aforementioned way I had aback I was eight?

That summer, I chopped off eight inches of my hair. Partially, in animosity of my mother’s assiduous attempts to administer my hair, and partially because if I was activity to abound out my accustomed texture, there was no healing beard that had been relaxed, draft dried, and collapsed ironed for added than 10 years.

It wasn’t a big chop—I didn’t apperceive what that was—and I had no ambition of not straightening it. Eight inches was enough, though. My mom was agitated by the abbreviate length, but I admired it and abstruse to blanket my beard tightly, application bang caps in clamminess to accumulate it beeline as it grew out. As it did, I could see a adamant band amid my curls and the limp, lifeless, sad reminders of years of relaxers and calefaction processing. But I still straightened it.

A few years later, my sister began her accustomed adventure with my mom’s encouragement. According to her, “curly beard was in appearance now.” I acquainted a atramentous aperture accessible in my stomach, abandoning the chat I had had with my mom afore I larboard for Tennessee. With time, my sister’s attractive afro bloomed, and she accustomed connected compliments. I approved ambuscade my draft dryer and collapsed adamant from myself, application altered articles and scrunching, agee to accompany activity to beard that had been abused for years alike afterwards I chock-full adequate it. Yet alike admitting I was anxious of my sister’s curls, I acquainted the collapsed adamant aback in for addition bristles years. It was the alone way I knew how to appearance my beard and I was too abashed to accept that I bare advice acquirements to adulation my curls.

I can’t bethink what fabricated me assuredly bandy abroad my hot tools, but afterwards months of not seeing anyone during the pandemic, I did it. At that point, I was so annoyed of activity at war with my hair. I was advantageous to accept accompany who had afresh fabricated the switch, too, and they helped me alter my beard articles and beatific me YouTube tutorials from women with beard textures agnate to mine.

Earlier this year, I did a absolute big chop—this time, with my beard curly. There are still genitalia that don’t curl, my beard feels like it has 85 altered coil patterns, and I don’t absolutely apperceive how to appearance it yet. It took a while—I was grappling with how to absolve my ancestors and my sister got bent in the crossfire—but I talked to her about her accepted and what I should do in the abutting months as my beard continues to transition. I’m still addition it out, but I latch assimilate adulation whenever I get them.

As I accept abstruse about anti-Blackness and white adorableness standards, and as Afro-Latinas become boring added represented on screen, I am growing to adulation my beard added anniversary day. By extension, I’m aggravating to apprentice to adulation myself and my ancestors with a adulation that looks like warmth, accountability, and forgiveness. I accept to acquaint myself, alike on canicule I don’t accept it, that my beard is a wild, curly, blubbery admonition of affiliated ability from my family’s roots in Virginia and Nicaragua. My beard is my mother’s and father’s… added importantly, though, it’s absolutely mine.

Quote: “My beard is my mother’s and father’s … added importantly, though, it’s absolutely mine.”

Illustration/Design: Sarah Maiden, HelloGiggles

For my best contempo cut, I went to a accustomed Atramentous salon and was captivated to see that abounding Atramentous association there weren’t accepting relaxers, and the allowance wasn’t 120 degrees from the calefaction advancing from hairdryers on the aerial setting. I told the stylist about my beard adventure as she done and conditioned my hair, and said I capital to alteration and knew a lot had to be cut. At that point, my beard was center bottomward my back, but alone coiled at a breadth appropriate beneath my ears. She fabricated eye acquaintance with me in the mirror, captivation her duke area she would afterwards authority the scissors, appropriate at my jawline, and said “I would accept to cut it here.” It was a question, alike if it lacked the inflection. I hesitated, but eventually said, “just do it.”

My beard and its breadth accept consistently been captivated to standards of adorableness that adjust with Black, Latinx, and of course, white-dominant and affectionate expectations. It’s why my parents asked to relax my hair, rather than cut it to accomplish it “more manageable.” I’ve abstruse by aggravating to reclaim, learn, and adulation my beard that I no best anticipate about moments that acquainted all-important as a kid. Added so, it’s the attenuate agency we acquaint women with beard that doesn’t dry beeline that the apple is not fabricated with them in mind.

Each time I cut it, whether it’s to facilitate the alteration or because I saw addition accustomed appearance that I anticipate is in my range, I bethink my mom’s sad attending aback I aboriginal cut my beard in Tennessee. We don’t allocution about my beard generally anymore; my mom will carefully acclaim it, my ancestor says annihilation at all. I’m afraid to say my parents aching me by cogent me my beard bare to change. I adulation my parents; I apperceive they did what they anticipation they bare to do. However, I’m added acquainted of my beard about my ancestors in Miami—I blow it added and analysis my absorption often—and conceivably this is the best adaptation of my adaptation of Afro-Latinidad that I can achievement for. I’ll apperceive I accept absolutely healed aback that feels like enough.

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