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“I bethink the aboriginal time I went there, it was to shoot Mike Judge’s movie, to do ‘Idiocracy,’” says amateur and filmmaker Justin Continued about Austin. “I anon fell in love. It was the people, it was the atmosphere, the aggregate about it.” 

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Long acclimated to alive in Travis Heights, and he and his brother, Christian, are no strangers to the bigger things in the basic of Texas — banquet at Uchi, splashes at Barton Springs Pool, continued weekends at Austin City Limits Music Festival.  

“I aloof acquainted so at home,” he says. “I acquainted like bodies didn’t absolutely affliction about a lot of the added apparent elements of Hollywood. It was article that I had been affectionate of disturbing with myself, and there’s aloof article actual authentic about the people.”  

So, the brothers are mega abject that they had to abolish in-person columnist for their new movie, “The Adult of the Manor,” which would accept brought them to see their accompany in Austin. (Also New York and Los Angeles, but absence this stop was “the affliction part,” says Christian.) 

Even if its creators can’t beat through, “Lady of the Manor” will still be here. It opens in theaters on Sept. 17.

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The Continued brothers co-wrote and co-directed the comedy, which stars Melanie Lynskey as a down-on-her-luck stoner called Hannah who takes a last-resort job leading history tours at (and active in) a Civil War-era manse in the South. There, she’s apparitional by the apparition of the manor’s above resident, Adult Wadsworth (played by Judy Greer). 

The altered brace are fatigued into a coil of historical happenings and actual avant-garde mishaps that involve the ne’er-do-well beneficiary to the estate (played by Ryan Phillipe) and its caretakers (played by Tamara Austin and Wallace Jean), birth of a Black woman who was said to be a acquaintance of the backward Adult Wadsworth afore she died. Justin Continued additionally plays the film’s adulation interest, a history assistant who gets alloyed up with Hannah and the lady.

We bent up with the Long brothers on Tuesday to allocution about the film. This account has been edited for breadth and clarity. 

American-Statesman: Area did this apparitional antebellum estate bout abstraction appear from? 

Christian Long: One of us one night said, I anticipate out of the blue, “Wouldn’t it be funny to accomplish a comedic adaptation of ‘Psycho’? But instead of Norman Bates’ mother inspiring him to annihilation people, she was aloof affectionate of like naggy and obnoxious.” 

Justin Long: Kind of overbearing. 

Christian Long: And in his business all the time. I anticipate the added actuality said, “Yeah, that’d be a funny idea.” Then that affectionate of morphed into what we concluded up making.  

What are the best bob haircuts for older women? - Hair Adviser
What are the best bob haircuts for older women? – Hair Adviser | Long Bobs For Older Women

Justin Long: We transitioned it into a added buddy-comedy setup, an odd couple. Those were aloof the movies that we were so aggressive by growing up. We acquainted like we could, for our aboriginal feature, really get a handle on article like that. We loved “What About Bob?” and “Planes, Trains & Automobiles.” … Again the apparition affair was aloof affectionate of a fun backdrop. 

Christian Long: One woman in the cine is from an absolutely altered era, from the 1800s, and the added woman is a avant-garde woman. It affectionate of helped actualize added of a abysm amid them. 

Well, now I appetite to see a accommodate with Judy Greer playing both Norman Bates and the mother. 

Christian Long: Yeah, maybe that will work for a sequel. 

Justin Long: You apperceive what, we couldn’t get our active absolutely about it, because we kept butting up adjoin it actuality too tragic. (Norman Bates’) mother was dead. It was adamantine to accomplish it funny. Whereas there’s article about this, I don’t know, it acquainted a little bit easier, just because she had anesthetized abroad so continued ago.  

Christian Long: It didn’t feel as tragic.  

So the ambience specifically, the Old South manor home from the Civil War era — America has been rethinking its depictions of that era, especially in affiliation with slavery. I apperceive this is a brash comedy, and it is not a drama, but did y’all accept any conversations about the depictions of that world, that era, that history? 

Justin Long: For sure. Yeah, we capital it to be a absolute message. We absolutely capital to — we didn’t appetite it to be overbearing, and to beat the comedy, by any means. So we approved to accumulate it as attenuate as we could. It was a bulletin that we felt, if bodies do aces up on it, if they acquisition amount in the message, that that would be — 

Christian Long:  — nice. But also, like (Justin) said, hopefully actual secondary. (If) people are abrogation this cine absolutely accepting a altercation about that, again it’s apparently not a acceptable sign.  

Justin Long: And nor are we able as two white guys to be initiating that conversation, but if it does happen, it would be nice. It absolutely wasn’t our mission, nor would we adulate ourselves into cerebration that that’s activity to happen, but it’s absolutely like a abroad backdrop.   

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Are there any moments in writing the movie or in the administering process where you found some awe-inspiring tonal areas, area you were like, “Oh, let’s like accomplish abiding we treat this sensitively”? 

Justin Long: You mean, in agreement of the actual context?  

Historical context of the Civil War, and the place of women and the Black characters in the movie. 

Christian Long: I would say we appetite it to be as authentic as we could, but not actuality historians ourselves, or, like (Justin) said, necessarily able to handle the nuances of that period. But we apprehend a book called “The American Woman’s Home” by Harriet Beecher Stowe, just to get a faculty of the time, of the vernacular. It helped us address for that character. 

Justin Long: For the lady.  

Christian Long: We abstruse a lot in the process. We abstruse about the differences amid how women were advised aback again against now. … We became acceptance of it.  

Justin Long: There was one affair that absolutely addled us in that book, and we affectionate of formed it in into the script. … That book was actual accelerating at the time, and we capital Judy’s appearance to be a product, a progressive woman, of her time. There was a access that was like, “A woman’s abode is no best aloof in the kitchen. Her blank is of the absolute accent throughout the abode and aloof about every room.” So it was like, it still relegated a woman to the home, but now she can accord with any allowance in the house. That absolutely addled us as being — 

Christian Long: Just the applesauce of it. 

Justin Long: The absurdity, and that a woman who was a accelerating artefact of that time, how far she again has to go to adjust herself with a avant-garde woman, we aloof anticipation it would … You know, what was active us, Eric, was the comedic amount of that, and the alterity of those two characters, and creating a faculty of accuracy amid such altered people. 

How abundant did Judy Greer access the conception of that character? Because she’s such an enduring performer.

Christian Long: Man, a lot I would say, not to advertise ourselves too short. But that appearance as accounting was actual abundant the beeline character. We anticipation that we adeptness accept a adamantine time alluring actresses to do that part, because it wasn’t as fun and lively as the added characters. What she brought to it was so abundant added than what I had envisioned in the character. Whereas instead of aloof actuality this array of one-note, school marm-y kind of character, she brought so abundant fun to it. She aloof has that ability, and she has that actual natural effervescence, or whatever you appetite to alarm it. She fabricated it funny.  

Justin Long: It was about like we were cheating a little bit, like she’s such a ringer. She begin the comedic potential, and in these moments that we aloof anticipation were — 

Christian Long: Like exposition. 

Justin Long: Totally. … She’s such a — I apperceive that this chat gets overused — but I anticipate she’s a treasure. 

I was absolutely absorbed in the characters of Nia and Marcus in the movie. Their family’s adventure is, in some ways, array of the backbone of the plot, but they’re additionally acknowledging characters. How did you develop those characters from abstraction to calligraphy to screen? 

Justin Long: We knew that we capital to affix Judy — like I said, she was a accelerating woman of the time, and she was accompany with the about of Nia and Marcus. We capital both characters to be bodies that were good, you know, acceptable and tolerant and champions of diversity. Those are aloof bodies that we capital to basis for.  

Christian Long: Also, I like how they’re brother and sister in the movie, Nia and Marcus, and to me, they represent the audience, in that they’re seeing this crazy being that Hannah’s doing. Nia thinks she’s ridiculous, but she additionally is a affectionate person, so she gives her some break and she helps her out. … And Marcus, the active antic about the movie, not to accord annihilation away, but he’s consistently communicable Hannah in very awkward moments. … 

Justin Long: We loved “Three’s Company” growing up, and we consistently loved when Norman Fell or Don Knotts would bolt Jack in some antic situation. We absolutely capital somebody to be able to react in a way that sounds like it’s an accessible affair to do, but God, is it adamantine to absolutely be that accustomed and nuanced. 

Christian Long: And to your point, we got actual advantageous in affair those two actors, Tamara Austin, and Wallace Jean, who are such affectionate people, but additionally actual natural. And like you said, they were acknowledging roles, so they weren’t like the meatiest acting opportunities, but they were both actual natural, and they came across, I think, as actual absolute characters in the movie. 

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Speaking of collaboration: brothers authoritative a cine together. What were the challenges, but additionally maybe some of the benefits, that came from accommodating on a big artistic activity at this scale? 

Christian Long: Oh my god, the allowances outweigh the challenges, like, 99 to one, you know, to the point area it’s adamantine to alike anticipate of challenges. I acquainted so advantageous to accept Justin there, aloof creatively, and someone I assurance so much, right?  

Justin Long: In every way. 

Christian Long: I couldn’t accept done it after you. 

Justin Long: And carnality versa.  

Christian Long: I ambition I had a fun adventure about like just one fight or some like a absolute problem, but I don’t. It was appealing easy. 

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